Geisha is an upmarket, seductive, charming and desirable cocktail lounge, located in The Cube. The venue has undergone extensive renovations in preparation for the launch in late 2015 and provides an exclusive experience as a high end destination.

Geisha’s intimate atmosphere blends traditional Japanese imagery and designs with elements of classic tattoo artwork to provide a warm, inviting and very addictive ambience.  Expect a blood red and jet black colour scheme, mixed with rich dark stained wood and elegant Japanese Cherry Blossom that will transport you to the heart of Japan

The venue is equipped with spacious private booths as well as seating throughout. The bar is the focal point of the lounge, sitting proudly in the very centre of the room.  There are two VIP sections at the back and side of the venue, giving that feel of exclusivity.  The VIP area offers waiter/waitress table service to add to that elite evening experience.

Geisha is open through the week and in good time to greet the after-work crowd.  Sit and relax while you enjoy one of our many desserts, maybe just a wine or beer whilst you wax lyrical about your day’s successes and achievements.  The VIP and dance floor areas are sectioned off until the weekend when it opens up in all its glory to be enjoyed by revellers and those who have booked their exclusive and elite private booths.  The venue offers exciting entertainment to our guests, such as Geisha girls, Guest DJ’s, celebrity appearances.